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Knevitt Complete Collection By Bill Knevitt


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Bill Knevitt’s books on range, endurance, flexibility, and lead playing are among the very best ever written. These have never been collected before and sold at a discount, so we are very proud to present this Complete Knevitt Method Book Collection at qPress for the very first time ever.

Not only do you get all 18 of his releases, but you also get full audio lessons that go along with the specific releases as noted in the list below, AND two other complete audio lesson albums, all narrated by Bill Knevitt himself. You even get his 50+ hour-long, 52-lesson course “The Ultra Trumpet Crash Course”!

Even if you have one or two of these, buying the complete collection will still save you tons of cash. Why is that? Because this special offer gets you the complete collection at 57% off! A savings of $225 is yours with a purchase of this collection. Act fast, this isn’t going to last long at this price.

Click for complete covers to the left, and then get your digital downloads above. Click below for individual listings with write-ups. Books included are:

  1. Knevitt-Cimera, Method for Developing the Upper Register on Trumpet
  2. Knevitt-Cimera MP3s, Method for Developing the Upper Register on Trumpet
  3. Knevitt, Building Power in the Upper Register on Trumpet
  4. Knevitt, The Ultra-Trumpet Crash Course for Home Study
  5. Knevitt MP3s, The Ultra Trumpet Crash Course 50 Hours!
  6. Knevitt MP3s, How to Become a Professional Trumpet Player
  7. Knevitt, Ultra-Fingering Studies for the Advanced Trumpet Player
  8. Knevitt, 36 Intermediate Warm Ups
  9. Knevitt, Ultra-Trumpet Practice Routine
  10. Knevitt, You Can Scream With Endurance To Spare On Trumpet
  11. Knevitt MP3s, You Can Scream With Endurance To Spare On Trumpet
  12. Knevitt, Ultra-Trumpet Technic Cycles
  13. Knevitt, Getting Started Right on Trumpet Ultra-Trumpet Practice Routine for beginners
  14. Knevitt, The Truth About How to Play Double High C
  15. Knevitt, Don’t Nobody Miss
  16. Knevitt MP3s, Develop Your Range to Third Pedal C
  17. Knevitt, Developing Trumpet Player
  18. Knevitt, Developing 21st Century Range and Endurance
  19. Knevitt, Building a Strong and Flexible Embouchure
  20. Knevitt MP3s, Building a Strong and Flexible Embouchure
  21. Knevitt, Professional Trumpet Routines
  22. Knevitt, Five Ways to Build Ultra Endurance on the Trumpet
  23. Knevitt MP3s, Five Ways to Build Ultra Endurance on the Trumpet

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  1. Michael Metz (verified owner)

    All of Bill Knevitt’s method books in PDF format? What’s not to like. I worked with Bill a long time ago and have all of his handwritten books but these are much better. Well worth the price.

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