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Jimmy Giuffre for Small Groups (Combo-Orks) By Jimmy Giuffre


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This 110+ page collection of music by Jimmy Giuffre is known as a “Combo-Orks” or a small group orchestration book, and it includes three folios each with top and bottom parts, with books in Bb, C, and Eb. Each book includes chords for accompaniment with Piano, Guitar, Accordion, or Strings, which means you can make an ensemble out of whatever group you have on hand. You can take your small combo to gigs, weddings, and clubs and use these melodies and counter melodies to make your own custom arrangements.

Jimmy Giuffre was a quiet and intense young man with a singular creative touch. He wrote and played for Woody Hermon, Boyd Raeburn, Buddy Rich, Jerry Gray, Stan Kenton, and many more of the nation’s leading bandsmen.

Jimmy played clarinet and tenor sax since he was a lad in Texas, and he approaches composition most naturally as a performer. His Work is generally melodic and “linear” in character. “This style of writing,” he says, “gives the players the feeling of individuality that’s so important to jazz. Besides, I think it gives the listener more variety. I also use less rhythm section than is usual because I believe that this, too, provides more clarity and less monotony.”

Song Listing

  1. All for You
  2. Ballade
  3. Big Girl
  4. Chripin’ Time
  5. Creme de Menthe
  6. Do It
  7. Drum Sticks
  8. The Duke
  9. Fast Clip
  10. Finger Snapper
  11. Four Mothers
  12. Four Other (Lighthouse)
  13. The Horns
  14. Iranic
  15. Jolly Jumps In
  16. La Soncalli
  17. Lavender
  18. Lazy Tones
  19. The Leprechaun
  20. Nutty Pine
  21. One Score & 8 Horns Ago
  22. Our of Somewhere
  23. A Ring-Tail Monkey
  24. Safari
  25. Scarf Dance
  26. Scintilla I
  27. Scintilla IV

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