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Jerry Bergonzi Emblematic Jazz Styles By Olegario Diaz


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From the Preface:

This new book celebrates the creative plasticity of musical improvisation. Aimed at those who want to delve into the new dynamics with line phrases that help develop and strengthen their personal style as a performer.

These line phrases have been produced from transcriptions with the Post-Bop Style applied by the virtuoso Jerry Bergonzi, with whom I have had the honor of sharing this and many of my works, receiving wonderful feedback that invites me to continue with these works, fuelled by the creative impulse.

These lines and exercises have been executed in 12 keys and, at the same time, rhythmically reconfigured and reinterpreted with my personal stamp, which responds to the notion that there are no fixed patterns. That interpretation is constantly evolving, moving us away from static and repetitive phrases that could stagnate or stifle our creative gene.

This method can perfectly be applied to all instruments. It is written in 8th and 16th notes patterns and executed without a given key signature. An open concept that also provides exercises to promote linear, intervalic, ascending and descending execution.

While this book can be a source of inspiration for many and their craft, it is an honor for me to dedicate hours of personal study as well as deciphering the language of Jerry Bergonzi to offer a new and organic tool as a contribution to universal jazz improvisation.

These treble clef books are intended for use by all instruments. Check out some sample pages to the left and then click above for an immediate PDF download.

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