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Jazz Techniques & 109 Jazz Passages By Walter Stuart


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Walter Stuart wrote a ton of books on Jazz Improvisation, and this is a unique example where the publisher has combined two books into one, giving you his incredible book Jazz Techniques along with 190 Modern Jazz Passages for one low price.

Walter Stuart writes that there are four important elements in Jazz Improvisation that will make a professional rhythm chorus on any chord progression used in popular music.

  1. Time values of the improvised notes.
  2. Choice of notes based on the scale.
  3. Choice of notes contained in the harmony (chords)
  4. Chromatic passing notes.

The time values of each tone are the most important factor, as modern jazz is based on syncopated rhythms. Without that syncopation, no choice of notes would produce the proper jazz feeling. Once you master these elements through the first few chapters you get to move on to jazz phrases using fourths, whole-tones, the 12 tone system, and the construction of new scales, before moving on to the 190 modern jazz passages in book two.

This book is a classic, and getting two for one makes it better than ever. Check out tons of samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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