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Jazz Style for the Trumpet By Jay Arnold


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This book is recommended to teachers who wish to equip their students with the important knowledge necessary for creditable jazz performances. This is why Jay Arnold wrote Swing Style, and Jazz Style for Trumpet.

Jazz is recognized the world over as America’s contribution to music. Yet many of our young musicians schooled primarily in the field of band music ( mainly marches and overtures) when confronted with music in this idiom find it difficult to grasp the jazz style and lack the ability to sightread.

This book clarifies the problem of quick and accurate sight-reading by teaching rhythmic patterns much as words are seen and read.

Also, there is a detailed section explaining jazz interpretation and its characteristic sound as intended by the composer or arranger.

Although the material is presented in the traditional cut time meter, it is advised that it be counted four beats to the measure. Later, when this rhythm has been properly studied and understood, the student will find it simple to play and think in cut time. For work with individuals or in small groups, tapping out time patterns can be advantageous. The syn­copated patterns all contain notes that occur on the “up” movement of the count. This point should be remembered. Notes occurring on the beat are generally emphasized by the use of accents. Whenever applicable, we have used the following procedures:

1) The passage first shows the rhythmic pattern with accents marking the stressed notes. After the first few bars, ties are introduced to establish the actual rhythmic syncopation.
2) The rhythmic pattern is shown as it appears in a printed band or orchestra arrangement.

As the student plays these exercises (s)he should carefully note the relationship between each rhythmic pattern as it is presented.

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