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Jazz Basics Vol.2 "Approach Notes"
Jazz Basics Vol.2 "Approach Notes"
Jazz Basics Vol.2 "Approach Notes"
Jazz Basics Vol.2 "Approach Notes"

Jazz Basics Vol.2 “Approach Notes” By Tony D'Aveni


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Jazz Basics Volume 2 “Approach Notes” is the second part of a series of books focusing on the most primary elements in jazz line construction. This series emphasizes developing harmonic knowledge related to Jazz improvisation. Each volume deals with a different aspect on improvisation. By combining these aspects you should be able to construct viable jazz lines. Although this series is designed for the aspiring improviser, experienced improvisers will also benefit from the study of this material.

In Volume 2, approach notes are the focus. Approach notes are important to all jazz players. Try to think of approach notes as the prefix of a word. By adding a prefix you can change the meaning of the word (i.e. flammable/ nonflammable). Tony has included 28 approaches to major, and 16 approaches to minor, all in 12 keys. There are many more and you should seek out others. Tony also included a page of ”Combinations” in which the approaches have been combined. At that point you will see there are endless possibilities. The numbers above each line refers to the approach number. On the ”combinations” page you will see other variations common to bebop playing.

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