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Improvisation Simplified
Improvisation Simplified
Improvisation Simplified
Improvisation Simplified
Improvisation Simplified
Improvisation Simplified

Improvisation Simplified By David Gornston


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Improvising depends essentially upon your native musical talents, to hear and to invent.

The materials presented in this book provide the basis on which you can build an individual style. The currently accepted view is that each performer should express his or her own ideas rather than imitate others. Use imita­tion only to help yourself in the building of your own style.

It is with this in mind that I have constructed this system over a period of ten years of teaching and experimentation. ”Improvising Simplified” is different (even unique) in that it does not start with chords, or urge the memor­izing of “breaks” and the artificial creation of break combinations, but rather starts with the changing of the original melody, showing how breaks come to be, and emphasizes the rules for improvising rather than the examples of it. The book is also different in that it uses for all illustrations well-known tunes. This system starts with the melody and shows how the improvisation grows out of it rather than the chords. The emphasis is shifted from the harmony to the melody. The use of chords is, of course, considered.

Mastery of this book will enable you to develop an individual style, the beauty of which will be limited only by your natural capacities. This is the only method that actually gives you examples of ”impro­vising” as done by some of the greatest musicians in the profession.

This book includes not only the method of how to simplify improvisation, but also analyzed and annotated choruses by the biggest name in the business, including Tony Parenti, Louis Herrmann, Edwin Wilcox, Henry Lindeman, Jack and Charles Teagarden, and many more.

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