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Handel’s Studies from Orchestral Music By G.F. Handel


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This fantastic collection of music from the operas, oratorios, and concert music of G.F. Handel is a must for any serious trumpeter. There are times, no matter what your background, that you will be called upon to play with chamber groups, opera companies, and performing arts organizations who will be expecting you to be well versed in the music of all eras. Name a professional trumpeter that has not been called on to play the Messiah and I will eat my hat!

This set was originally created as two separate books, and we are offering it here as two volumes for one low price. The first book is focused on the most prominent sections of his opera catalog, and the second is all about his oratorios and concert music. Everything from Water Music and Music of the Royal Fireworks, to the Messiah, Julius Caesar, and so much more is available here. You will see the full section as needed (you can see them in the samples) and solo parts, and full section playing is highlighted throughout.

Please go through the extensive samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Vol.1 Studies from the Operas

  1. Almira: Almira
  2. Agrippina: Agrippina
  3. Rinaldo: Rinaldo
  4. Teseo: Theseus
  5. Silla: Lucio Cornelio Silla
  6. Amadigi: Amadis of Gaul
  7. Radamisto: Radamisto
  8. Muzio Scevola: Muzio Scaevola
  9. Floridante: Floridante
  10. Giulio Cesare: Julius Caesar
  11. Tamerlano: Tamerlano
  12. Alessandro: Alexander (i.e. Alexander the Great)
  13. Riccardo: Richard (i.e. Richard the Lionheart)
  14. Lotario: Lothair
  15. Partenope: Parthenope
  16. Poro: Porus, King of the Indians
  17. Ezio: Aetius
  18. Sosarme: Sosarmes, King of Media
  19. Ariodante: Ariodante
  20. Atalanta: Atalanta
  21. Giustino: Justin
  22. Serse (Xerxes): Xerxes
  23. Deidamia: Deidamia

Vol.2 Studies from Oratorios and Concert Music

  1. La Resurrezione: The Resurrection
  2. Esther: Esther
  3. Debora: Deborah
  4. Athalia: Athaliah
  5. Israel: Israel in Egypt
  6. Saul: Saul
  7. L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato: The Cheerful Man, the Thoughtful Man, and the Moderate Man
  8. Samson: Samson
  9. Messias: Messiah
  10. Belsazar: Belshazzar
  11. Wassermusik: Water Music
  12. Feuerwerksmusik: Music for the Royal Fireworks

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