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Petit’s Complete Grand Method for Trumpet By Alexandre Petit


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This brand new, 350 page English translation of Alexandre Petit’s Complete Grand Method is one of a handful of great, long-lost grand methods to come from France around the same time as the Arban method. This particular method has been out of print for almost a century, and I feel very blessed to have found a copy in decent enough shape to be preserved here for future generations. This is the largest translation project in our history, and I am blown away by the work Chris Fenje did to bring this monumental work to a new generation of musicians.

This book is so big (350 Pages) and so comprehensive that it is difficult to outline everything it covers. It is a true Grand Method; It begins with tone production and explanations, moves on to slurring and long tones, then to rhythmic reading, then articulation, studies, duos, and trios. In between each of these sections he covers studies and patterns in every key, ornaments, intervals, slurring patterns, articulation types, chromatics, arpeggios, finger facility exercises, lip flexibility, and cadenzas, to name just a few.

If you have played the Arban Method ad nauseam, this really is a breath of fresh air. It really feels like if Arban wrote a follow-up to his method. The studies have the same sort of feel, but with a completely new melodic and artistic take. If you are the type that loves to crunch through new material you will find this book to be a Godsend, just like I did.

I have included SO MANY samples to the left. Check them out, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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