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Gospel Duets for Trumpet & Piano By Robert Snyder


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Beautifully arranged Gospel Devoptional music for two trumpets with piano is in great demand, but suffers from almost no supply. This book of 10 Gospel Duets with Piano Accompaniment by Robert Snyder helps fill this need and I am so thrilled to have it in our catalogue. See what Mr. Snyder has to say in his foreword:

“This book of trumpet duets is the outcome of the efforts and needs of a number of people here at the Prairie Bible Institute. First of all, there are the trumpet students who desire music for some special program. Then there is the teacher or student teacher who knows of the need and can meet it by arranging what is wanted. Thus the duet is composed and goes into a manuscript file, where it is available to those desiring to use it.

After some time the manuscript begins to show wear. The Music Department staff notes that, while there is a real need for such music, little is available in print. Then comes the thought of publishing a book of duets. Working hand in hand with the piano department and the manuscript engravers, this wonderful collection of Gospel Duets with piano accompaniment is ready for all to see.”

To the left, you can see some samples, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

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