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Gornston Trumpet Method Complete By David Gornston


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I am so proud to offer David Gornston’s Complete Trumpet Method in Three Parts at qPress! This series is one of the most requested books in my inbox, and its introduction is long overdue. There is so much material here it is hard to sum it up with samples and an annotation, but I am going to try. Click to the left to see pages from each book, and read on to get David’s 11 points on why he wrote this book and what you can expect from it. Grab it all at a discount above.

What this method provides the modern trumpeter:

1. Prepares students for both classical and modern music through a practical application of all FUNDAMENTALS;
2. Maintains interest by using melodies as studies in preparation for professional or avocational playing;
3. Approaches and develops- technique through theory;
4. Incorporates ear training for better sight-reading, improved intonation, and “playing-by-ear”;
5. Teaches logical rhythm reading by emphasizing the relationships of time-signatures and note values. Mr. Gornston’s approach to rhythm study is internationally famous;
6. The introduction of new notes and the extension of range is in all cases gradual yet challenging;
7. All fingering charts are used as “studies” and are accompanied by illustrations for the attainment of greater proficiency sooner;
8. Strategic transpositions of standard melodies broaden general musicianship and prepare the player for “key fluency”, modulation, etc;
9. Seven basic scales and chords are introduced in Book I. Advanced keys, scales, and chords, along with additional developmental material, move the student progressively through Books II and III;
10. Intervals, chords and chord progressions develop technique and understanding, which leads the student correctly into classical music, modern improvisation, and dance styles. A foundation is provided for further study of theory, harmony, composition, and arranging;
11. The juxtaposition of the text in three languages provides an introduction to language study which is being stressed so greatly in all modern education.

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