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Goedicke Concerto for Trumpet and Piano By Alexander Goedicke



Alexander Goedicke’s Concerto for Trumpet (here with orchestral reduction for piano) is one of the most overlooked and accessible modern trumpet concertos in the repertoire. It has a huge and expansive opening section, not unlike the Arutunian, with lots of room for musical interpretation and bravado. It does not require quite the same level of precision and virtuosity that other modern solo works do, making it much more accessible to intermediate and advanced players.

If you have not had the chance to hear this concerto, I highly recommend you give it a listen below, and then grab your horn and try out the first page from the samples, you will be surprised by its beauty and power, I guarantee it. Then you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

Dokshizer Plays the Opening of the Goedicke Concerto

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