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Gershwin, For Trumpet and Piano Vol.1-2 (Play Along) By George Gershwin


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I am proud to make available to both jazz and serious musicians two volumes of Gershwin show tunes stylized for trumpet and piano by the gifted Eddie Sauter. These include play along piano tracks for both the straight and stylized versions of each tune.

Perhaps the most admirable aspect of these present stylizations is the meticulous attention which Sauter has paid to writing down the sound. The infinite care and thought which he has accorded figuration, phrasing, dynamics, and embellishments have resulted in a notation which will be a great source of enlightenment to both the novice and the professional in jazz improv.

Each tune includes the original straight version for the purpose of study and comparison, then it is followed by Eddie’s stylization. The player will profit greatly from the arresting transformation which Eddie Sauter has effected.

In the samples you will see both covers, the full song list from each book, and selections from the trumpet and piano parts.

Nearly 100 pages of Gershwin is included in these two complete volumes. You do not want to miss this.

Try either version of The Man I Love in the samples with this track:

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