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Gatti Grand Method By D. Gatti


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The Grand Method of D. Gatti (Edited by Edwin Franko Goldman) is on par with the methods of Arban, Balay, Franquin, Petit, and many others, and stands alone as a do it all method book for students at all levels of trumpet playing. The book is broken up into three different parts (and generally sold that way at huge margins) but it combined in this PDF for the convenience of having the entire edition with you at all times. Teachers have loved this book since its publication because of its structure and well thought out progression. You play scale studies in one key, then an etude, then a duet, each one expanding on the last, until you have played comfortably in all tonalities.

If you have played the duets from this method in other publications, you know of the operatic qualities of their composition. Now is your chance to own the entire tome and see for yourself why it has stood the test of time. Publishers try to sell this book in 3 parts (when they can get it in stock) for a total of $75USD plus shipping, but you can own it today with an immediate digital download for 34.99.

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1 review for Gatti Grand Method

  1. Sol Motola (verified owner)

    I have used this book since 1955. The method is excellent for beginners to advanced players. I have an original but worn copy. The complete method cost $3.50 at that time. I am interested in purchasing a new copy. This book should be reproduced fior current use as hard copy as it provides excellent guidance for all players. Very comparable to other methods currently available.

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