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Force of Nature By Patrick McGraw


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A Force of Nature, composed for Aaron Hodgson in 2017, is one of a series of pieces exploring sonic manifestations of the mathematical phenomenon commonly known as “chaos,” a peculiar mixture of order and unpredictability seen in weather and other features of the natural world. The trumpet soloist plays against the backdrop of an evolving mathematical process governed by a braided, folded fractal pattern known as a “strange attractor” which is simultaneously rendered as an image and a sound wave. A single parameter is slowly adjusted in the underlying equations, creating an inexorable crescendo of increasing complexity with occasional abrupt and unexpected shifts to a new regularity. Against this stark background, the human performer finds room for expression within the equations’ implacable and otherworldly logic, but struggles in the end to be heard amid the gathering numerical storm. – Patrick McGraw

A purchase of Force of Nature includes everything you need to perform this piece for trumpet with pre-recorded electronics and video. You will receive a video with a timestamp for practice purposes and a clean video for performance.

Please view the samples in the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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