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Flugel Fun By Allan Colin


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“Flugel Fun” is here to make sure that your trumpet isn’t the only thing that you’ll be carrying into the practice room.

According to Tony Kadleck, The flugelhorn is an often neglected cousin of the trumpet. Players sometimes think of it as a “double” that never finds its way into the practice room. While it’s true that not much literature has been written specifically for the instrument, “Flugel Fun” is here to change that.

These 24 studies are well paced and stay mainly within and below the staff, precisely where the flugelhom sounds its best.
While metronome markings are clearly indicated at the beginning of each exercise, dynamics are, for the most part, left to the discretion of the player. Try to steer clear of playing too loudly, as the sound of the flugelhorn can easily become distorted.

All of the etudes are written without key signatures, but have numerous accidentals, making them well-suited for sight reading practice. In addition, a variety of time signatures are provided to keep things interesting.

The etudes alternate between light and playful (#2, #12, #15, #17) and warm and melodic (#5, #10, #13, #18). We also find some “finger twisters” peppered throughout as well (#11, #23).

There are some samples to the left you can try for free, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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