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Finger Technique By Francis Bodet


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Francis Bodet’s Finger Technique is one of the most unique books on finger dexterity ever written for brass. It is intended for all valved brass instruments and is translated into Engligh, French, and German.

What makes this book so unique? It is a part of his three book series on the most important aspects of playing (along with Daily Exercises and Embouchure Technique). Since the act of warming up dictated in Daily Exercises, and the building of lip strength in Embouchure Technique demand that the player take adequate rest to stay healthy, he devised this finger technique book to be practiced WHILE RESTING. That’s right, there is no need to actually play while using this book.

This manual is broken up into 15 different exercises. Each one gets a few words of explanation about the fingering pattern, then the player executes the progressively complicated patterns in silence up to 100 times each. Bodet writes: “The independence of the three fingers which we use to satisfy our fingers technique is just as important as the left hand is for the violinist or the ten fingers of the pianist, that is why I have put into concrete form, in purely digital exercises, the appropriate means for acquiring this total independence.”

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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