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Finger Dexterity & Velocity Study Bundle By Various Authors


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Finger dexterity is vital to high level trumpet playing. This is why we have had a whole subsection of the store dedicated to books that help strengthen your fingers, focus your coordination, and train your hands to increase velocity and accuracy.

This bundle includes ALL of our specific finger dexterity books at a whopping 53% discount from retail price. This is available now for our sale, and after this week the listing will disappear. You had better hurry because this price won’t last!

Below is the entire list. Please click through if you would like to read up about each book individually. Then click above for immediate digital downloads.

  1. Technical Drills for Finger Facility by Staigers
  2. Finger Flexibilities for Trumpet by Colin
  3. Finger Technique by Bodet, Francis
  4. Finger Reinforcement by Colin
  5. School of Velocity & Interpretation by Paudert
  6. Technical Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter by Motycka
  7. 75 Progressive Technical Studies by Porret
  8. Scale Pattern Dexterity Exercises for Trumpet by Ponzo
  9. Saint-Jacome Velocity Studies by Saint-Jacome
  10. 209 Finger & Tone Exercises by Klosé
  11. 12 Exercises in Mechanism for the Cornet by Guilbaut
  12. Advanced Range, Technique, & Interval Studies for Trumpet by Bush

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