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Field Musician’s Manual By Daniel J. Canty



The existing necessity for uniformity among musicians or trumpeters, calls for a book that will tell exactly what their duties are, and give “the service new marches, inspection pieces, and sound-offs. Under the heading “Calls sounded by the Musician of the Guard,” and “Calls sounded by the Assembled Field Music,” will be found the standard regulation calls that are used by every branch of the Army. Those used by the Naval service are marked with their nautical names.

The general mounted and dismounted duties for the Army, the duties of the Naval service, Engineer Corps, Coast Artillery Corps, Signal Corps, Sanitary Troops, Marine Corps, and Revenue Cutter Service are all given space in this book. In the part marked “Naval Duties” are found the distinct Naval duties for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Revenue Cutter Service.

The music is divided as follows:

  1. Calls sounded by the Musician of the Guard, which include all honors rendered on the instrument.
  2. Calls sounded by the assembled field music, or trumpet corps.
  3. Bugle Marches. These can be played either in double or quick time in the foot service, and at a walk, trot or gallop in the mounted arms. Included in this section are over forty foreign Marches, Inspection pieces and Sound-offs that have never before been published in the United States. These were obtained from the following countries: England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Greece, Norway and Sweden, Belgium, and Mexico.
  4. Drill Signals. Here are found all the drill signals used in the Army (and Navy when ashore). This list includes 11 infantry, 47 cavalry, 38 field artillery, and 39 Navy drill signals. Here are also the special calls of the Army and Marine Corps.
  5. Special Navy Calls. Comprises all the calls used on board ship.

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