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Exercises for Double and Triple Tonguing By Edwin Franko Goldman


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E.F. Goldman’s Exercises for Double and Triple Tonguing is a classic text that was written with the goal of extending upon and progressing the work done by Arban, Gatti, and Balay in their grand methods. Goldman said it best, so I will include here a snippet from the introduction. You can read the whole into to the left in the sample pages, and click above for an immediate digital PDF download or physical copy above. Enjoy!

“In presenting this work to players of the cornet, trumpet, and other brass instruments, professional as well as amateur, it is the author’s intention to explain the art of triple and double tonguing more thoroughly than has been done in previous works, and to give to the student all the suggestions and points of information which are necessary to complete understanding of the subject. All cornet methods contain good tonguing exercises , but all do not dwell sufficiently upon them, nor do they explain them thoroughly. For this reason, many students who are not under the guidance of a capable instructor, are unable to succeed in this particular form of playing.” – EF Goldman.

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