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Ensemble Time Instrumental Trios and Quartets By Herman A. Hummel



Harvey Whistler and Herman Hummel put together this collection of Instrumental Trios or Quartets with a very specific purpose in mind: Create a collection that is useful during holidays all year round, make them playable by a variety of instruments (or just one instrument type), and make them sound incredibly professional while making them not too difficult. In each of these areas, they succeeded.

Included in these parts is a set for 4 Bb trumpets, a set for 4 Bb woodwinds, and a set of C soprano instruments (like violins, for example). If you only play trumpet, these work great, if you sometimes have other students/players/participants, that is fine too, because you can pull out one of the other parts and they can join you.

Check out the samples for the full list of tunes. You will see things for Christmas as well as other holidays and general engagements. Then you can check out the parts, and grab an immediate PDF download above.

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