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Endsley’s Method for Trumpet By Gerald Endsley


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Gerald Ensley studied with Roger Voisin and Robert Nagel, and went on to become a world renowned lecturer and author about the trumpet, culminating in his creation of Tromba Publications. I am thrilled to be working with Tromba to posthumously re-release his books, bringing them back into circulation for the first time in 4 decades.

This method for trumpet is tremendous, in both breadth and concision. He takes players through basic instrument care, air, embouchure, articulation, flexibility, notation, warming up, scales, all types of rhythms, fantastic phrasing exercises, odd meter studies, duets, solfeggi, and more. Below you will find an excerpt from his foreword, and to the left you will find some samples. Click above for an immediate digital download and you will be very glad you did.

“The Method for Trumpet is an introduction to the instrument and related musical skills. In addition to playing, the student is required to sing and clap various vocal and rhythmic exercises, to write music and read essays regarding trumpet technique and other pertinent topics.

Care must be taken lest these adjunct activities be neglected, for they not only broaden the musician’s knowledge, but also affect directly his eventual success in actual performance. It is assumed that the student will have need of a music dictionary and adult assistance, and seeking out these aids is an intended portion of his education.

All major and minor keys are presented, and exercises are provided to assist in their mastery. Frequently when a melodic pattern is being repeated from key to keg, only one or a few examples are written out. Space is then provided for the student to write in the remaining duplications.”

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