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Encyclopedia of Ethnic Music By Harold Branch


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Harold Branch and Irving Dweir put together a collection of really interesting club date books featuring music from all over the world, including all of the most memorial melodies and tunes from their respective countries, and put them together with chord changes ready to perform on the trumpet with your band.

Each country has its own table of contents so the music is collected into chapters based on the country being represented. Music can be found from:

  1. Vienna
  2. Romania
  3. Yugoslavia
  4. Czechoslovakia
  5. Hungary
  6. Poland
  7. Israel

When necessary, each chapter includes a writeup on proper stylistic techniques for how you should play the tunes appropriately and with the right inflection. If you have occasion to play music from around the world from time to time, as we all surely do, this is a great collection to grab and keep on your music stand.

There is a sample page and TOC from each chapter to the left. Check them out then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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