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“Eddie Davis & His Beboppers” Fats Navarro Complete Album Transcription By Fats Navarro


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By December of 1946 Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis was ready for two full-blown Savoy bebop sessions in the company of Theodore “Fats” Navarro. This pair of characters maintained a stimulating balance as Fats blew long bop lines of exquisite ingenuity while Jaws wrestled with his own funky textural dynamics. Wildly titled, each of these three-minute records hits you hard, right between the ears. “Hollerin’ and Screaming” is the most outrageous example of this band’s explosive chemistry. The record starts with a hoarse shriek from the tenor sax. The melody erupts like two cans of Sterno knocking around on the hood of an overheated bright red Chevy convertible. A sudden outburst from the trumpet is repeated verbatim on the drums. Fats and Lockjaw bark back and forth, jostling each other in cycles of friendly aggression. It’s like listening in on a casual exchange of good-natured insults and creative cussing, the benevolent sort of everyday rudeness that enables trust and cooperation between individuals who exist outside of the dominant social group.

This book is the latest instalment of Erik Veldkamp’s complete note-for-note transcription of every note Fats Navarro ever recorded, and it is an absolute gem. Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Song List

  1. Calling Dr. Jazz
  2. Fracture
  3. Hollerin’ & Screamin’
  4. Stealing Trash
  5. Just a Mystery
  6. Red Pepper
  7. Spinal
  8. Maternity

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