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Early Concertos for Trumpet & Piano By Various Authors


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This collection of three early trumpet concertos by Georg Philipp Telemann, Giuseppe Tartini, and Francesco Maria Veracini share several similarities. All three composers, Telemann, Tartini, and Veracini, were active during the Baroque era, which spanned approximately from the late 16th to the early 18th century. Their trumpet concertos reflect the musical style, techniques, and structures characteristic of this period.

These concertos exhibit virtuosic writing for the trumpet, showcasing the technical prowess of the performer. They feature rapid scales, arpeggios, and ornamentation, demonstrating the trumpet’s agility and brilliance. The solo passages often require precision, agility, and a mastery of various trumpet techniques, such as double tonguing and quick valve changes.

While the focus of these concertos is on the display of technical skill, they also incorporate expressive elements. The slow movements, in particular, provide an opportunity for lyrical and expressive trumpet playing, allowing the performer to showcase their ability to shape phrases, employ dynamic contrasts, and convey emotions through their interpretation.

The melodic and harmonic language of these concertos reflects the stylistic conventions of the Baroque era. They exhibit a balance between strong, memorable melodies and harmonies that follow the principles of tonality prevalent during that time. The use of sequences, suspensions, and other Baroque compositional techniques can be observed in their works.

To the left, I have included the first page of each concerto so you can see what you are getting. Included in your purchase are full trumpet parts with piano accompaniment for each concerto, listed here:

  1. Telemann, Concerto in Ab Major
  2. Tartini, Concerto in Ab Major
  3. Veracini, Concerto in C Minor
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