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(dys)functions (2011)
(dys)functions (2011)
(dys)functions (2011)

(dys)functions (2011) By Samuel Wells


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“Ahh, the trumpet. Now there’s an instrument on which one can truly embarrass himself!”
-Garrison Keillor

(dys)functions for trumpet and fixed media presents the potentiality of functionality where traditionally dysfunctionality is the quality. Also, its construction is based entirely on noises from a trumpet.

Sam Wells wrote (dys)functions for himself, and gave the premiere performance on November 12, 2011 as part of a concert presented by the Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance.

Notes on the setup of the electronics and trumpet compressor:

It is recommended that the trumpet is amplified and run through the compression feature in the (dys)functions Max/MSP patcher, which requires four audio outputs. Outputs 1 and 2 are for the stereo mix of the fixed media. Output 3 is the click track for the performer. Output 4 is the compressed live trumpet. The compression parameters must be modified to the performer and venue. Output 4 should be mixed with Outputs 1 & 2 at the mixing board. It is desired that the live trumpet be at level equal to that of the the fixed media.

Included in the patcher is a Rehearsal Mode function that allows for the fixed media & click track to be reduced in tempo. Also, there is an option to begin playback at any given rehearsal letter.


(dys)functions score
Max/MSP Runtime Installer
suggested audio setup

Click to the left for samples of the score and audio and to download your copy today!

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