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Double High C in 37 Weeks By Roger W. Spaulding


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Spaulding’s Double High C in 37 Weeks was one of the first methods strictly devoted to the extreme upper register. Some people swear by it, some people hate it, but despite its ability to polarize the trumpet playing community it has been part of the standard repertoire since the day it was written.

As with all high note methods, it is not the exercises themselves that are that important, but rather the method/instructions that are laid out for how to practice them. Spaulding gives a full 16 pages before you pick up the horn, then another 35 pages at the end that answer all of your questions about his method for the upper register.

This edition has been cleaned and formatted for modern devices and printers, but has maintained the original charm. Still typed on Spaulding’s typewriter like the first edition, and all the exercises are in the author’s hand, just as intended.

Have a look at the samples to the left, then get a full download above. Start your 37 week journey today.

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