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Difficult Passages for Trumpet or Cornet in Bb By Ernest Hall


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The selection of “Difficult Passages” (subtitled 312 Difficult Passages from the Symphonic Repertoire for Trumpet or Cornet in Bb) should serve a double purpose. First, it will give the orchestral player an opportunity to practice such passages in preparation for actual performances of the respective work. Second, it offers material for general practice, which in variety and scope of its technical problems, reaches far beyond any studies written especially for technical practice.

The material is presented in alphabetical order giving the Classical repertoire in Volume 1, and a collection of outstanding Modern Works in Volume 2.

For practical reasons, passages originally written for trumpet or cornet in various pitches are given in smaller type above the transposition for trumpet or cornet in Bb.

If you are a serious orchestral trumpeter or student of the instrument, this is a must have collection. You can see the full table of contents to the left, then you can grab both volumes at a discount above.

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1 review for Difficult Passages for Trumpet or Cornet in Bb

  1. David Hobbs

    I have a copy I got in the 1970s (printed much earlier) as a very young player. It helped me with transposition and to also learn the main trumpet audition “licks” early on. I could follow along with recordings and actually see and hear where I needed to focus my practice. I still have my original copy but it is becoming fragile so a new copy would be great!

    • Tim Quinlan

      It really is a classic! Thanks for your insights David.

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