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Dieppo’s Complete Method for the Slide or Valve Trombone By Antoine Dieppo


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Dieppo’s “Complete Method for the Slide or Valve Trombone” was an evolution and revolution in trombone pedagogy. This book was originally a joint effort between Berr & Dieppo, published in French (re-published at qPress as well). The original French book was quite short, but included all of the rudiments and beginner studies needed to teach someone up to an intermediate level.

After the publication of the original, Antoine Dieppo set out to augment the book to create a grand method. This revised and enlarged edition (which you see here) includes an appendix of nearly 100 pages of extra material, consisting of numerous studies and duets by Dieppo, Vobaron, Carnaud, and others. This work is universally used and is known as one of the most popular trumpet methods ever written.

Finally available as a digital edition, this book is one that you definitely want to carry everywhere. You can see some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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1 review for Dieppo’s Complete Method for the Slide or Valve Trombone

  1. Edward J. Madden

    The publication by Carl Fischer originally copyright 1902. was recommendedt for my trombone lessons which started in the fall of 1946. While the instructions need some editng especially concerning the slide tuning of certain partials, (need for a fine teacher on this). nevertheless, after studying every page in this book of wonderful etudes, I went on to become a professional trombonist for many years. Even at my advanced age I still enjoy playing the collection of melodic etudes in this book! It helped make me a living in music!

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