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Developing 21st Century Range & Endurance on Trumpet By Bill Knevitt


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This is Bill Knevitt’s flagship book, and the last full-length method book he wrote.  He decided to go for broke and include just about everything you need to acquire the strength, endurance, and technique to be able to consistently play double G and beyond.  As Bill himself said:

“In the 21st century the lead trumpet player will need a strong double G even to play in amateur bands.  To play professionally will require even more range, along with the embouchure endurance to keep it up for the entire job.  This is the most advanced trumpet method book I have written, but it is only for those players who wish to be top trumpet players in the 21st century.”

In this book, Bill incorporates lessons from these companion books:

  1. The Arban Method
  2. St. Jacome Method
  3. Clarke’s Technical Studies
  4. Clarke’s Setting-Up Drills.

You can purchase 21st Century Range Development on its own, or as a bundle of all 5 of these books and save $$. Just use the dropdown menu above.

As always, samples are available to the left, please take a look, you are going to love what you see.

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