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Develop Your Range to Third Pedal C (Recording) By Bill Knevitt


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Note: This product is an audio recording, not a trumpet book.

As we have completed adding all of Bill Knevitt’s audio lessons to his books on qPress, we are now adding his audio lesson albums that stand alone without an accompanying book. How to Develop Your Range to Third Pedal C on the Trumpet is one of these albums.

You hear a lot about practicing pedal tones, but very little instruction on how to do so, and that is where these audio lessons come in. To quote the sample below, Knevitt states the impitus for this recording as follows: “Even though pedal tones have been with us for a long time, having been played by the great players throughout the ages, they are now being written in books. I find many players playing them wrong in many cases. Frankily if a player plays the pedal tones wrong, he better not play them at all.”

You get lots of listening examples of Bill playing, and even though the audio quality is what you would expect from an old tape, they are invaluable for aspiring and professional players. This recording is an absolute gem.

Below is a sample, have a listen then grab a download of a zip file with the rest of the tracks above.

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