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“Dance Mania Vol.2” Lead Book Transcription By Tito Puente


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Tito Puente played a crucial role in elevating the trumpet’s prominence in Latin music. His focus on the trumpet as a lead instrument, challenging trumpet parts, fusion of jazz and Latin elements, collaborations with trumpet players, and influence on future generations all contributed to the development and evolution of Latin trumpet playing.

This collection of lead trumpet transcription books each include the full lead trumpet part, plus any trumpet solos featured in the tunes of the entire album. You can follow along with the original albums and hear exactly how they are meant to be played.

Below you will find a full writeup on the album, plus the song list. To the left, you can find some samples, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

“Dance Mania 2” is considered one of Tito Puente’s seminal albums. It features a dynamic blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms, mambo, and jazz elements. The album showcases Puente’s virtuosity as a timbales player, bandleader, and arranger, with high-energy performances and infectious dance grooves.

“Dance Mania 2” played a crucial role in popularizing the mambo genre and solidifying Tito Puente’s reputation as a leading figure in Latin music. The album’s success contributed to the broader recognition and appreciation of Latin music, both within the Latinx community and beyond.

Song List

  1. A Gozar Timbero
  2. Si Te Contara
  3. Séparala Tambien
  4. Caonao
  5. Una Muier
  6. Balia Como Es
  7. Dance Manía
  8. Por Qué Te Perdí
  9. Guancona
  10. Son Guach á
  11. Con Sandunga
  12. Cua-Cua
  13. Mambozooka
  14. Havana After Dark

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