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Daily Studies – Common Sense Lip & Tone Development By William A. Thieck


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William Thicke’s Daily Studies is subtitled “Common Sense Lip & Tone Development with Focus on Pressure (correctly applied) vs Non Pressure.” That’s a mouthful! This is very much a companion book to the Scholossberg in my opinion. Especially considering its focus on the basics of tone production, embouchure, attack, and breathing. This book has been available on this site in another form, as “The Art of Trumpet Playing” edited by Mel Broils. This is the original, and in my opinion and much better copy. Easier to read and with all the original text.

I have attached the author’s preface in the sample pages to the left as well as the first 15 exercises. Please give it a try, then grab a PDF download above. Enjoy!

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