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Daily Drills and Technical Exercises By Max Schlossberg


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Have you ever wondered how players like Wynton Marsalis have developed such strength, endurance, and control on the trumpet? This book holds the key. Every day Wynton would start with this book:

“During the first 15-20 minutes play long tones, soft, from second line G down to low G. For the next 30-45 minutes work with pages 5 and 6 in the Max Schlossberg book, varying the dynamics and the tempos. Try to play through every slur, getting an even, round sound on every note, and getting over the breaks in the instrument. Also, exercises 59 and 60 in the Schlossberg book are good to strengthen your lips.” -Wynton Marsalis

Written by renowned teacher Max Schlossberg, this book demonstrates his well-regarded methods on mastering the trumpet. It is especially useful for developing the upper register, from G2 to C5. Used by schools, universities, and conservatories the world over.

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