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Daily Beats (One Month Tour of Play-Along Styles) By Erik Veldkamp


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Every once in a while, a truly special project comes about. Erik Veldkamp’s Daily Beats Play-Along series is by far the most interesting and relevant release of the year.

What Erik has done with Daily Beats is this: he composed a full length trumpet play-along solo, complete with both a backing track and a demo track, for every day of an entire month. On top of that, every solo is in a completely different musical style, taking you on a tour of relevant times and places to bring you music in styles you have simply never seen in a trumpet book.

Styles include Samba, Reggaeton, Calypso, Waltz, Samba, Funk, and Mambo, for a start, but then things get VERY interesting. For the second half of the month you move into BeBop, Choro, Dubstep, Electro Samba, Latin Pop, Techno, Tumbao, Hip Hop, and more. It is actually hard to describe how cool these arrangements are without hearing them, so I have put a TON of free audio samples before, and included the first page of each of them in the samples to the left. Your purchase gets you the book of solos, plus a full set of MP3 backing tracks, plus a second set of MP3 demos performed by Erik himself.

Give it all a listen and a try. You can choose to grab Daily Beats in two week sets above, or you can grab the whole month for a discount. I guarantee these are the best trumpet play-alongs you have played…possibly ever!

Listen to Tuesday Reggaeton

Listen to Friday BeBop

Listen to Sunday Choro

Listen to Tuesday Dubstep

Listen to Wednesday Electro Samba

Listen to Tuesday Funk

Week 1 Song List

1. Monday Samba
2. Tuesday Reggaeton
3. Wednesday Shuffle
4. Thursday Calypso
5. Friday Waltz
6. Saturday Salsa
7. Sunday Samba

Week 2 Song List

8. Monday Cha Cha Cha
9. Tuesday Funk
10. Wednesday Mambo
11. Thursday Swing
12. Friday Bebop
13. Saturday Musette
14. Sunday Choro

Week 3 Song List

15. Monday Reggaeton
16. Tuesday Dubstep
17. Wednesday Electro Samba
18. Thursday Latin Pop
19. Friday Techno
20. Saturday Tumbao
21. Sunday Funk

Week 4 Song List

22. Monday Hip Hop
23. Tuesday Funk
24. Wednesday Drive
25. Thursday Hip Hop
26. Friday House
27. Saturday Acid
28. Sunday Jungle

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