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Cornet Instruction Book By Jules Levy


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Levy’s Cornet Instruction Book or “How I learned to play the cornet” is a guide written by one of the finest cornet soloists in the history of the instrument. This edition has been skillfully edited by John Laverty and re-engraved to modern standards. Anyone who has seen the original will know that it is very difficult to read and the new engraving breaths new life into this fantastic resource.

Levy explains that when his teacher moved away he left behind twenty progressive exercises for him to practice. He did so, for 10-12 hours a day, and made the necessary strides through personal practice to reach the extraordinary level he achieved in his adult years. This book is what he chose to leave behind to beginners who would come after him, just as his teacher did for him.

Samples are available to the left, with an immediate PDF download available above.

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