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Concerto in A Flat Major for Trumpet and Piano By Georg Philipp Telemann


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This lesser-known Telemann concerto is in A flat major, so it sits beautifully on the Bb (or C or Eb) trumpet. The piece has three movements: a lively and joyful opening movement (Allegro), a slow and lyrical middle movement (Sicilienne), and a spirited and energetic finale (Allegro).

Telemann’s concertos, such as his famous “Trumpet Concerto in D Major”, are known for their melodic inventiveness, technical demands, and engaging interplay between the solo and the accompanying ensemble. They often feature bright and festive melodies, rapid passages, and expressive ornamentation, capturing the spirit of the Baroque era.

The solo part doesn’t go above concert Ab, so it is a wonderful introduction to the Baroque style.

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