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Complete Strength & Endurance Bundle By Various Authors


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This Strength & Endurance bundle contains 16 books that unparalleled for increasing your endurance, increasing your range, and helping you to sound better for longer in each session.

This is the first time we have ever done anything like this, and the moment this sale is over this collection is gone forever. You can get all 16 of these books by some of the best authors in our history for 50% off as a digital collection. You will find books by Adam, Colin, Stevens, Goldman, Knevitt, Bach, Gekker, Ponzo, and more.

Click below to read up on any specific books, click to the left for cover images, then click above to get this once in a life time deal. Better hurry!

  1. Embouchure Update (A Clinical Text Reference) by Gollehon, Mac
  2. Super Power Embouchure by Adam, A.A. “Sandy”
  3. Set-Up Drills & Patterns for Embouchure Development by Ponzo, Mark
  4. “Corners” An Approach to Strengthening the Embouchure by Colin, Allan
  5. Embouchure Stabilization Patterns for Trumpet by Ponzo, Mark
  6. Embouchure and Technique Studies by Zauder, David
  7. Embouchure Trouble & Self Analysis (Stevens-Costello Technique) by Stevens, Roy
  8. Daily Embouchure Studies by Goldman, Edwin Franko
  9. 10 Range and Endurance Studies by Mazas, Jacques Fereol
  10. Endurance & Elasticity by Colin, Charles
  11. Developing 21st Century Range & Endurance on Trumpet by Knevitt, Bill
  12. 5 Ways to Build Ultra Endurance on Trumpet by Knevitt, Bill
  13. You Can Scream With Endurance To Spare On Trumpet by Knevitt, Bill
  14. Endurance Drills for Performance Skills by Gekker, Chris
  15. Breath Control (Range and Endurance Developed Through Chromatic Technique) by Colin, Charles
  16. How to Build Endurance in Trumpet Playing by Bach, Vincent

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