• Reinhardt Complete Trumpet-p1
  • Reinhardt, Reinhardt for Beginners for Trumpet, Cornet or Flugelhorn-p01
  • Reinhardt, Warm-Up Number 57 for Trumpet-p1
  • Reinhardt, 10 Test Drills for Trumpet-p01
  • Reinhardt, Reinhardt Routines, a Total Embouchure Development Plan for Trumpet-p01
  • Concone Reinhardt Cover
  • RichWilley-TrumpetMechanisms-Rev003-300-p01
  • Willey, Focal Point — A Centered Approach To Embouchure Development for Trumpet-p01
  • Willey, Warm-Up Magic, Beginning of Your Playing Day Warm-Ups for Trumpet-p01
  • Reinhardt, Encyclopedia of the Pivot System

Complete Reinhardt Collection for Trumpet by Reinhardt, Donald S.

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