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Complete Porret Collection By Julien Porret


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If you are on this page, it means you know how imporant the work of Julien Porret is in the canon of trumpet literature. We have worked feverishly over the last 18 months to bring every one of his books back from extinction, and time and time again we were floored by the work we were uncovering.

In this collection, for the first time ever, you can get all 19 of his books in one conveinient package. It is also 50% off for a limited time, so take this opportunity to grab all of his studies, methods, exercises, duets, trios, and solos for a tiny fraction of retail price.

You can click below to read the writeup for any particular book so you know, you can click to the left for sample cover pages, and you can click above for an immediate digital download collection.

Books included:

  1. Porret, Progressive Method for Trumpet
  2. Porret, 24 Melodic and Progressive Studies
  3. Porret, 25 Sightreading Manuscripts
  4. Porret, Trumpeter’s Daily Exercises
  5. Porret, 12 Entertaining Duos for Brass
  6. Porret, Arban’s 14 Characteristic Studies (Analytical Edition)
  7. Porret, Six Easy Trios For Treble Clef Brass
  8. Porret, 12 Progressive Duos for Trumpet
  9. Porret, 24 Sightreading Manuscripts
  10. Porret, Melody Selections Volume 1
  11. Porret, Melody Selections Volume 2
  12. Porret, 12 Novellettes (Score and Parts)
  13. Porret, 75 Progressive Technical Studies
  14. Porret, Mini-Concertino No.1
  15. Porret, Mini-Concertino No.2
  16. Porret, Mini-Concertino No.3
  17. Porret, Mini-Concertino No.4
  18. Porret, Mini-Concertino No.5
  19. Porret, Mini-Concertino No.6

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