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Complete Modern Trumpet School (Vols.1-6) By P.F. Clodomir


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These books have been scarce on the shelves of music stores for the last few decades, but the progressive modern etude book has a place on the music stand of all contemporary trumpet players. PF Clodomir’s 6 volume trumpet etude series entitled “The Modern Trumpet School” includes one volume to cover each facet of trumpet playing fundamentals. The books include characteristic studies, lyrical studies, short exercises, technical, and mechanical studies, each in their own progressive volume. This gets you the entire collection at 50% off. Here is the breakdown:

Modern School Vol. 1 70 Little Exercises has been republished over the years under various titles, but it is reproduced here from the original as intended by the composer, with any short instructions throughout translated into English by Chris Fenje. This is a wonderful intermediate-level series of short studies that slowly work there way up to the top of the staff, eventually touching G and A, while gradually expanding the rhythmic and intervallic complexity at the same time. A great little book that makes for a perfect start to this 6 book set.

Modern School Vol.2 20 Singing Studies is a book of lyrical studies with an emphasis on interval slurring, compound meters, and mixed slurring/tonguing combinations. This very old text is reproduced faithfully from the original, with all instructional text translated into English for the first time ever by Chris Fenje. The samples to the left are representative of the quality of studies and are a testament to their value as part of the broader trumpet catalog.

Modern School Vol.3 20 Cute Studies is a book of 20 playful studies, including lots of compound meters with playful childlike charm. Many include short introductions before moving into the main etude suggesting that they were meant for public performance or at least for masterclasses and performance preparation.

Modern School Vol.4 12 Characteristic Studies is a set of challenging studies that build upon the concepts within the first three volumes of the collection. There is a strong emphasis on lip flexibility, considering the slurred interval leaps in many of the studies, and fast finger work and technical facility required.

Modern School Vol.5 20 Technical Studies are musical etudes that explore multiple tonguing, quick tempos, melody/accompaniment figures (cornet variation style, as seen on the cover image), extended arpeggios, and extreme endurance. These studies progress from an intermediate level at first to very difficult by the end.

Modern School Vol.6 12 Duets Op.15 are meant as performance or concert duets and are published as a split book, with one trumpeter to take one set of music and the other going to his/her partner. Included in the samples is the first duet, both the first and second part, and we encourage you to find a friend and give it a run-through. You will be as impressed as we were! Very playable, melodically interesting, not too difficult, and definite crowd-pleasers.

Samples from all 6 books to the left, full PDF download above.

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