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Complete Mel Broiles Studies & Duets By Mel Broiles


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Mel Broiles, most known for his incredible tenure as Principle Trumpet of New York’s Metropolitan Opera, is known among the pantheon of great trumpet players for his fearlessness, accuracy, and dramatic style. Broiles was famous for his ability to play a beautiful melody that would have audiences eating out of his hand on the edge of their seats, and then switching gears and peeling the paint off the walls. As strong as Broiles’ legacy is as a player, he was equally revered as a great pedagogue.

This collection of etudes, exercises, characteristic studies, and duets were specifically designed by Broiles to direct eager students into becoming orchestral powerhouses capable of the strength, flexibility, poise, and grace required for first chair. The whole qPress collection is being offered for a discount of over 50% – but this offer won’t last long. Click through samples of the music to the left, below you will find write-ups of the books, and above you can click to get immediate PDF downloads of the entire collection.

Books included:

  1. Broiles, Trumpets” (181 New Studies)
  2. Broiles, 100 Studies for Bb Trumpet
  3. Broiles, 14 Characteristic Studies
  4. Broiles, 20 Piccolo Trumpet Studies
  5. Broiles, 6 Duets for 2 Bb Trumpets
  6. Broiles, Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 1
  7. Broiles, Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 2
  8. Broiles, Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 3
  9. Broiles, One Liners
  10. Broiles, Orchestral Interpretations for Orchestral Trumpet
  11. Broiles, Transposition for Orchestral Trumpet
  12. Broiles, The Bugler’s Handbook
  13. Broiles, The Art of Trumpet Playing (Thiecke Method)
  14. Broiles, Anthems, Arias, & Etudes
  15. Broiles, 16 Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet
  16. Broiles, 8 (Piccolo) Trumpet Duets
  17. Broiles, 24 Baroque Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet
  18. Broiles, 24 Trumpet Studies (Recordings)

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