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Complete Louis Armstrong By Louis Armstrong


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Louis Armstrong, “Pops”, is probably the most iconic trumpet player in popular culture. Besides his unique style of playing, Armstrong is often credited with being the driving force behind crafting jazz into the soloistic art form we know today. This collection contains everything from transcriptions of Armstrong’s best known solos, to his own method book for how to approach playing the trumpet, to arrangements of his solos for solo trumpet and piano accompaniment.

These 7 books are being offered at a 50% reduction of retail price, giving you a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the most important notes of jazz history for an unbeatable price. Look to the left for samples of the books, below for write-ups on the contents, and then click above for an immediate PDF download of the entire collection.

Books Included:

  1. Armstrong, 20 Jazz Solos for Trumpet & Piano (Vol. 1-2)
  2. Armstrong, 44 Trumpet Solos & 125 Jazz Breaks
  3. Armstrong, Louis Armstrong Trumpet Method
  4. Armstrong, The Armstrong Treasury Songbook
  5. Armstrong, Dixieland Style Trumpet
  6. Armstrong, A Jazz Master
  7. Armstrong, Great Trumpet Solos of Louis Armstrong

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