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Complete Etudes and Exercises By Alexandre Petit


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Alexandre Petit’s three-volume collection entitled “Etudes & Exercices” is a classic collection of preparatory studies for trumpet players. Each method book focuses on one aspect of playing, from grand characteristic studies, to finger patterns and scales, to artistic melodic studies.

This brand new translation of all three books is guaranteed to challenge players no matter what their level is. All of the titles and notations have been translated into English for the first time by Chris Fenje, and are available only at qPress. Below you will find links to the individual books to get complete writeups. To the left you will find samples from each book, and above you can grab an immediate discount bundle of all three books on launch day.

Each volume is available, here are their titles and where you can find them:

  1. Etudes & Exercices: The Week of the Virtuoso
  2. Etudes & Exercices: 15 Melodic & Technical Studies
  3. Etudes & Exercices: 12 Grande Etudes


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