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Bolvin Complete Collection By Eric Bolvin


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All TEN Eric Bolvin method books for the trumpet at HALF PRICE! You should grab this quickly before it disappears forever! Samples from every book available to the left so you know what you are getting. Check it out.

The Clarke Variations

The impetus for this set of variations is based on the idea of an “Expanding Scale” or “Expanding Range”. Each set will start with a small range of notes covering an interval such as a5th and will expand over the course of the study to the whole range of the trumpet. The idea is to imagine you are “holding one note” and let your fingers do the rest. This concept is, of course, metaphorical but if employed will greatly enhance your technique and efficiency.

I Play Trumpet

I Play Trumpet is the latest book by Eric Bolvin, and is a complete beginning trumpet method all in one volume. In includes 10 easy to follow lessons, 3 videos, 174 songs and over 200 active links within the text to find supplemental information. Also includes the Really Big Student Song Book for free!

The Arban Manual

This book is a must have for every trumpet player. This 69 lesson course takes you systematically through every section of Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method in a fun and engaging way that makes a challenging and ambitious task seem almost effortless!

The Saint-Jacome Manual

A 63 lesson course that takes progressively through the entire Saint-Jacome Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet

  1. For those of you familiar with The Arban Manual, this will be a welcome addition to your library and practice.
  2. Each lesson is a well rounded practice routine
  3. Progressive lessons for easy development
  4. Build a solid foundation and technique Unlock the mystery of Saint-Jacome

The Progressive Warm Up

“When does the warm-up become practicing? A warm-up should consist of familiar material, but not so familiar that it becomes stale. It should also address the fundamental aspects of trumpet playing without over-pushing the limits of our technique. Follow the warm-up with a technique session and then work on music. This format will keep your practice fresh, consistent and productive.”

Tongue Level & Air

Efficient trumpet playing is a balance between three elements; air, tongue level, and embouchure. This balance cannot be explained in scientific terms, therefore it must be accomplished by feel through proper practice. That is the purpose of this book; to provide trumpet players with a course of study which will enable them to find their balance and become more efficient in their playing.

Flex On The Move

A simple, step by step guide for working on your flexibility as part of your everyday practice. Solid and sensibly laid out, one of the finest modern flexibility methods out there today.

The Modern Jazz Trumpet Method

This purpose of The Modern Jazz Trumpet Method is to offer a well-rounded, systematic approach to practice for the aspiring jazz trumpeter. This comprehensive method is intended to supplement and enhance the great methods that solidify our fundamentals while opening our minds to the concepts of jazz trumpet playing.

This book is meant for the woodshed, so grab your horn and head on out there!

The BeBop Range Book

“Although hitting the high note may be the quest for many trumpet players, a more useful and musical goal is developing a large playable range. This means being able to articulate and play musically and dynamically throughout the entire range of the instrument. This accomplished through the use of “Range Arcs”, which are musical phrases that cover a large range. In addition to building our playable range, we are working on technique and adding to our jazz vocabulary.”

Pentatonics and Fourths

A method of practice for the ambitious musician!

This is a unique technique book designed to advance your playing abilities through the practice of pentatonics and fourths. Not just for jazzers! Over 80 pages of well thought out patterns that cover all keys and the entire range of your instrument. No transposing required!

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  1. RCARSON11 (verified owner)

    Good books. This is a better deal than getting it directly from Eric Bovin’s website. Although his e-bundle is 60 dollars, you do not get the Arban or St. Jacome’s manuals. So if you want those 2 manuals, qPress has the better price.

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