• Complete Clifford Brown-p1
  • Brown, Complete EmArcy Recordings Vol.1-11 Complete-p001
  • Brown, The Complete Blue Note And Pacific Jazz Recordings-p001
  • Brown, Clifford Brown With Strings-p01
  • Brown, Memorial Album-p01
  • Brown, Clifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin Street-p01
  • Brown, The Complete Paris Sessions-p001
  • Brown, Clifford Brown Memorial-p01
  • Brown, LA Jam Sessions 1954-p01
  • Brown, Three Giants (Sonny Rollins)-p01
  • Brown, The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson Vol.1-p01
  • Brown, The Historic California Concerts 1954-p01
  • Brown, Live At The Bee Hive-p01
  • Brown, More Live at the Bee Hive-p01
  • Brown, Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown-p01
  • Brown, Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown-p01
  • Brown, The Clifford Brown Quartet in Paris-p01
  • Brown, The Clifford Brown Sextet in Paris-p01
  • Brown, The Clifford Brown Big Band in Paris-p01
  • Brown, Brown and Roach Incorporated-p01
  • Brown, Night At Birdland Vol.1-p01
  • Brown, Night At Birdland Vol.2-p01
  • Brown, Study in Brown-p01
  • Brown, More Study in Brown-p01
  • Brown, The Beginning and the End-p01
  • Brown, Clifford Brown & Max Roach-p01

Complete Clifford Brown (26 Book Collection) by Brown, Clifford

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