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Chord Construction & Analysis (For the Art of Improvising) By George A. Gibbs Jr.


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How many times have you wanted to vamp a few measures in any of several keys, and been unable to do so? How many times has the Leader told you to “take a solo” instead of “take the second ending,” and “make it a modulation” so the rest of the boys could come in on the upbeat of the first measure of the next chorus? We will attempt in this book to show you how to do precisely these things, and many other similar tasks which confront the modern musician, or student, in their daily work.

George A. Gibbs wrote some of the most important books on Harmony, Jazz Improvisation, and Arranging ever written. Sadly, at some point in the last twenty years, they have all gone abandoned and are no longer in print, resulting in the final copies available online reaching multiple hundreds of dollars, which is just unacceptable. Today, we are happy to announce that his books are back, fully restored, and ready to get into the hands of musicians world wide.

Gibbs writes in his foreword:

Modern Chord Construction and Analysis (An aid to the Art of Improving) presupposes that the reader has at least a rudimentary knowledge of music-and at the outset, to dispel any misgivings that the reader may have that jazz playing is not a gift but an ART that can be acquired by anyone of average ability who applies themself diligently.

Every ”Hot” player, whether he knows it or not, is simply following an age old law: know the harmony of the measure, and build around it.

Simple, is it not?

The following studies are built around every ”legitimate” chord found in music, whether written by Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Bussoni, Ellington, Hudson, or ”Fats” Waller. There are iust so many chords, and no more. Now then, let us work with these chords and learn to build rhythmic patterns around them: in so doing, we are improvising in a style which the modernist is pleased to call ”Hot”.

In the pages that foltow we shall undertake to examine and learn to apply the correct technique in building these rhythmic patterns and fitting them proparly to their basic chords. In this way we will be constructing ”runs”, ”licks”, ”modula­tions”, ”fill-ins”, and every type of help that the modern musician needs.

A careful study of this book, the author feels, will with diligent practice, en­able you to play jazz with the best of them – Now, go to work!

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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