Chet Baker’s “She Was Too Good For Me”


This book is a complete album, note-for-note transcription of Chet Baker’s “She Was Too Good For Me.” Transcribed by trumpeter Erik Veldkamp, this book brings some of Chet’s most famous solos into your studio so you can experience this record like never before.

This album is universally considered a comeback record. Baker began his comeback after five years of musical inactivity with this excellent session. Highlights include “Autumn Leaves,” “Tangerine,” and “With a Song in My Heart.” Altoist Paul Desmond is a major asset on two songs and the occasional strings give variety to this fine session.

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Song List:

  1. Autumn Leaves
  2. She Was Too Good to Me
  3. Funk in Deep Freeze
  4. Tangerine
  5. With a Song in My Heart
  6. What’ll I Do?
  7. It’s You or No One
  8. My Future Just Passed

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