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Charlier’s 36 Plus (Transcendental Studies with Complete Supplemental Material) By Théo Charlier


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You know those little footnotes at the bottom of each Charlier study? Many people don’t know this, but they are actually recommended exercises that a player should practice to help them prepare for the etude they are associated with. By taking all of those recommended supplemental studies, and with the help of editor Lou Ranger (ABQ, NY Phil, Aspen & UVic Professor Emeritus), translator Kelsey Anderson, and engraver John Laverty, qPress has compiled an epic and monumental 277 page Grand Method based on the studies of Théo Charlier. People were so excited about the project that everyone wanted to get involved, so this book also includes essays from the leading professional trumpeters along side a complete modern translation of Charlier’s original text.

This book has 37 chapters, one for each study (why 37 and not 36? You’ll see when you get there!). You start by reading a preface by a leading professional, then you work though the supplemental material to prepare your fundamentals, leading you to the Charlier study that completes the chapter. I wrote in-depth on the genesis of this project and how important it is in the publisher’s foreword, and I have copied it into a blog post that you can read right here.

In the samples to the left you can see the entire first chapter. You will see a write-up from Aaron Hodgson (Professor, Western University), then supplemental studies by Rene Laurent and Maxime-Alphonse, then Charlier’s first study “Articulation”.

Give that a try and you will get the picture. This book was a year in the making and I could not be happier with how it turned out. After you play the first chapter for free, click above to make a purchase in Print or Digital, you are going to be very glad you did!

Renowned list of contributors:

  1. Lou Ranger
  2. Allan Dean
  3. Giuliano Sommerhalder
  4. Chris Gekker
  5. Ed Carroll
  6. John Wallace
  7. Otto Sauter
  8. Clement Saunier
  9. David Baldwin
  10. John Miller
  11. David Elton
  12. Karen Donnelly
  13. Karin Bliznik
  14. Elisa Koehler
  15. Aaron Hodgson
  16. Joel Brennan
  17. Adam Zinatelli
  18. William Day
  19. John Laverty
  20. Shawn Spicer
  21. Mary Bowden
  22. David Dash
  23. Raquel Rodriquez
  24. Théo Charlier
  25. Tim Quinlan

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3 reviews for Charlier’s 36 Plus (Transcendental Studies with Complete Supplemental Material)

  1. Nicholas Eads (verified owner)

    I received my printed version and, after looking through it for about an hour, have to congratulate all involved in its release. This is easily the finest treatment I’ve ever seen given to pre-existing trumpet material, and I don’t say that lightly. The insights provided by the various artists, in addition to the supplemental related exercises for each piece, have already greatly augmented the value and my enjoyment of Charlier’s already-beloved work. Earlier this year I purchased the 1926 version, but there is no comparison in terms of content; this new version is clearly the definitive edition.

    Kudos to all involved; it is truly brilliant.

  2. Robert Gale (verified owner)

    I wholeheartedly endorse this edition of Charlier’s work. It’s remarkable in its breadth of preparatory work and helpful tips from world class players in preparing these classic etudes. Congratulations to qPress . This is the new definitive edition of this famous book.

  3. Timothy Quinlan (verified owner)

    Working on this book along with all of the other contributors was a real treat. Working on it as a trumpet player is a challenge I definitely need. Kudos everyone!

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