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Charlier’s 32 Refinement Studies for Trumpet By Théo Charlier


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I am thrilled to announce another extremely rare and unknown work by Théo Charlier. This book was originally published by Théo Charlier as 32 Etudes de Perfectionnement in bass clef for the tuba or four valve trombone. We have sold this book for years, and it is a staple of the repertoire for the low brass community. Since this book was written just after Charlier’s 36 Transcendental Studies, it stands as a wonderful epilogue to his most influential and well known work.

These studies are wonderfully musical and exude charm just like you would expect from any stylistic etudes by Théo Charlier. After years of both performing and teaching his 36 Transcendental Studies, you will be thrilled to have the opportunity to play brand new material by one of the finest composers in the history of our instrument. These studies have retained their original key signatures to match Charlier’s original intention, and work brilliantly on both Bb or C trumpet.

This edition is monumental for three reasons:

  1. This book has been translated from the original French, making study names and anecdotal directions more easily understood by the majority of Western players. 
  2. This edition has been expertly re-engraved by John Laverty, with a strict attention to detail and beautiful typesetting that brings this book squarely into 21st century notation guidelines. 
  3. Finally, and most importantly, this book was completely edited and adapted for the trumpet by Louis Ranger. Not only did he edit Charlier’s 36 Plus (also available at qPress), but he also studied with Armando Ghitalla and William Vacchiano, performed internationally as a brass chamber music clinician with the American Brass Quintet, and performed with such orchestras as the New York City Ballet, the New York City Opera, Radio City Music Hall, the Boston Symphony, the Berlin Philharmonic, and the New York Philharmonic where he was co-principal trumpet, before teaching at the University of Victoria for nearly 40 years.

It is my hope that you enjoy working your way through these etudes as much as we have enjoyed adapting them. Working from the manuscripts of a master is enough to inspire even the most well read and experienced trumpeter.

To the left you will find the first full study plus a few bonus pages to go along with it. When you are ready, you can grab an immediate PDF download above, or get a print edition delivered to your door.

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